High Voltage Testing

Your electrical equipment is of huge value to your business. It is crucial that all your electrics keep running smoothly so your business can continue to function. This is why your electrical equipment should be tested regularly by trained and experienced professionals. ABM has the experience, training and product knowledge you need to ensure your electrics keep functioning reliably and safely.


High voltage electrical equipment needs a top-quality high voltage test engineer to ensure it is working as it should. At ABM, our highly experienced engineers use only the best equipment and processes to test your equipment, checking for faults and putting them right if any are found. Our high voltage electrical test engineers perform the work with minimal disruption to your business. With provide circuit breaker testing, and can also help to protect your electrical equipment from damage caused by any unforeseen faults which could occur in the future.


Our dedicated team are always ready to listen to your requirements and provide you with the best possible solutions. We offer the highest quality service at the lowest prices, as your safety and peace of mind should not have to break the bank.

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  • Power Transformer testing
  • Current and Voltage transformer testing
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Earthing system testing
  • High voltage cable testing
  • High voltage insulation resistance testing
  • Power frequency testing
  • Primary injection testing
  • Generator Testing and Commissioning
  • Factory acceptance testing of protection & control relays
  • Site acceptance testing of protection & control relays
  • Protection scheme cut over and functional testing
  • Satellite synchronisation equipment providing multiple end line protection testing
  • Fault recording & play back facilities
  • Routine protection system maintenance
  • Protection settings & test record database management
  • Secondary system design review
  • Auditing of commissioning processes
  • Contract liaison
  • System outage co-ordination
  • Inspection and test plan development
  • Co-ordination with external requirements (AEMO)
  • Site and Project Management
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