Valve Integrity Management

When your industrial equipment relies on valves, you need to know you have support from a company with the technical expertise to put things right if anything goes wrong. ABM has the knowledge and experience to offer a wide variety of valve solutions for your business.


Our experienced engineers specialise in the provision, maintenance, servicing and repair of valves and actuators, as well as other related equipment. Working closely with your business, we can identify the most effective solutions for your needs.

We can also perform diagnostics on your current equipment so we can quickly identify any faults, enabling us to perform fast and effective valve and actuator repair.


With ABM, you’ll receive all the support you need at your facility. We’ll send our service engineers out to you, performing all testing and maintenance at your site. This means a minimum of downtime and disruption for your business, offering you convenience and cost savings.

We’ll also help to prevent failures before they happen with our regular maintenance and servicing solutions, keeping your equipment working well for longer.

If you’d like to find out more about our valve services, please get in touch contact us

  • Commissioning
  • Valve and actuator overhaul
  • Troubleshooting
  • Inline valve diagnostics and overhaul
  • Condition monitoring
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Leak detection and testing
  • Calibration of PSVs
  • Inline PSV testing
  • Flange management, bolt tensioning and torqueing
  • Full evaluation and reporting of valve failures
  • Failure investigation including investigatory testing
  • Overhaul of valves & associated equipment
  • Valve modifications
  • Pressure & functional testing
  • Full repair certification
  • Mobilisation of service engineers
  • Local facility support
  • Infield valve surveys
  • Procedure writing and completion
  • Spares / Material selection ordering
  • Closeout recommendations and reporting
  • Low temperature testing cryogenic
  • Elevated temperature testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Non intrusive valve testing
  • Cyclic testing
  • Control valve benchmarking