Staying Compliant Amid the Pandemic

covid19 compliance

To help you manage and stay compliant during these trying times, here are two new ways ABM is trying to assist.

Stay compliant with same day pick up & delivery calibration service

We know that regular calibration of your equipment is crucial for you to continue your core business operations. As an essential business, ABM is deeply committed to providing you with continuous, reliable calibration services through our offices right across Australia and PNG.

To ensure the safety and security of our customers and staff when delivering these services, ABM has developed and implemented a range of strict procedures, including:

  • Daily meetings to review our protocols and update them as necessary in light of new medical information and directives from the Federal and State Government;
  • Specialised training for all of our technicians to ensure the safe handling of your critical equipment;
  • Social distancing practices, including limiting in-person contact wherever possible;
  • When arranging calibration of your equipment, we will organise pick up and delivery rather than having you drop off your equipment in person


Human Body Temperature Measurement System for Fever Detection

We’re pleased to offer our customers access to vIRalert 2 system, an Accurate and Reliable Skin Temperature Measurement for screening at point-of-entry into key facilities.


vIRalert 2 Human Body Temperature Measurement System




  1. Complete on-line system solution
  2. Accurate to 0.5 Deg C
  3. Fixed remote measurement minimises risk of infection transmission to operators.
  4. Quick and easy to install and relocate if required.
  5. Simple operation and works out of the box.
  6. Monitors for high temperature without slowing down the flow of people.
  7. Automatic alert function reduces potential for human error.
  8. The Software provides continuous or still image showing normal temperature in black and white with abnormally high temperatures in red for easy detection
  9. Provides automatic on-screen and audible alarms to alert the operator so that early action can be taken


  1. Transport and Travel – Airports, Railway Stations, Subways, Underground Rail Systems, Large Public Buildings
  2. Education – Schools, Colleges, Universities, Municipal Libraries
  3. Business – Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Offices, Government Buildings

vIRalert 2 system diagram

Thank you for helping us to do our part to minimise the spread of COVID-19. We remain committed to helping you to continue to deliver your core services throughout this difficult period and beyond.

As part of this ongoing commitment, we aim to send you a range of helpful calibration and technical resources over the coming weeks. Look out for a simple, user-friendly Asset Management Template to ensure you never miss a calibration deadline and stay compliant.

In the meantime, please call us on 1300 450 334 or Contact Us if you have any questions or would like any assistance.


Jay Parker

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